What Our Patient's Have to Say

"We started coming to Brown Chiropractic in 2013 for headaches, constipation & back issues. Since then, we have seen those improve along with many other improvements. In 2016, we were in a car accident. We thank Brown Chiropractic for our speedy recovery. We look forward to improving our health the natural way."
"“There’s a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause”, DD Palmer. I’m living testimony to the effects of regular chiropractic care. Due to this, I’m able to lift my grandkids! I don’t know why it took me so long to get wise!"
Jan Turner on Facebook
"I have come to appreciate chiropractic care and really trust Dr. Brown and his methods of adjusting my body for proper alignment. An injury brought me to him and I continue under his care because I know what it does to enable my body to function properly. I want to be healthy and active and hopefully prevent further injury. I feel that I am on a good journey here with chiropractic care . I also find his educational classes very helpful . Great staff too!"
Carmen Snyder on Facebook
"We are Augie and Denise Otte and have been coming to Dr. Brown's practice (formerly Dr. Cain Chiropractic) since October 2014. Augie came due to pain in his back, knees, hips and elbows. Today, he has no pain in three of these areas. Only his knee bothers him occasionally, but that knee had several surgeries and currently, the pain is reduced since starting routine chiropractic care. Denise came due to pain in her foot (four surgeries), neck and shoulder. Her pain level is also greatly reduced since she started routine (weekly) chiropractic care. Denise has been to several other chiropractors in the past, but they were not like the practice of Dr. Brown and Dr. Cain. Their approach to chiropractic care emphasizes the whole body, nutrition and education (Spinal Workshops). Obviously, we highly recommend the Brown Chiropractic office for anyone who wants to be healthy and wise!"
Augie and Denise Otte
"The care is incredible. Been a patient of Dr Brown’s for over 3 years,I’m 62 and feel 20 years younger than I did when I started seeing Dr Brown!"
Lance Moore on Google
"Back pain brought us both in and feeling healthier keeps us coming back!"
Mark & Jodi
"The greatest office for your care that I have ever been in. Dr B and the ladies are totally professionals in all they do. Dr B is not the "snap, crackle, pop" kind of guy I had always heard about. He will help your pain."
Lois Bubeck on Google
"We have been seeing Dr. Brown for over two years. Some things we have noticed from Chiropractic care are: back pain relief, less headaches, better concentration, huge boost in immune systems = less trips to Medical Doctor and overall healthier lifestyle. Thank you for helping to keep our family healthy naturally!"
The Bergmans
"Our family has been receiving chiropractic care for a year. As a result, we have experienced less pain, fewer allergy symptoms and a decrease in sicknesses."
"I come to Dr. Brown's office because I want to do all I can to stay healthy and disease free. I believe regular chiropractic care can help me do this. And he and his staff are big on educating. I like that too."
"I started coming to the chiropractor in the winter of 2015 because of the headaches and low back pain. The things that should be easy in life were not easy at all. I noticed improvements right away. I still come once a week to help keep my spine aligned. Every week, I look forward to my adjustment. My overall health is great because of my decision to come to Brown Chiropractic!"
Jeffrey Grillot
"Thank you for taking car of our family - from the pre- and post-natal car for mom and baby, to the regular adjustments keeping us all aligned, to the education and encouragement which help us trust in our body's amazing abilities and healing power."
Chris & Amy, Corrine, Benjamin, Hayden, Mara
"We started coming to the office after a car wreck. At one of our initial visits, we talked about Anna's knocked knees. Within the first month, Anna began sleeping better at night and finally started taking naps. Since then, I have received regular chiropractic care throughout all my pregnancies and each child has been adjusted since birth."
"My husband and I began chiropractic care four years ago when we were trying to start a family. Since beginning chiropractic care, we have welcomed two wonderful children into our family. I received care throughout both pregnancies which helped me feel good during pregnancy and deliver both children naturally. Our children have received care since birth. Both experienced their first adjustment less than five days after being born. We have all reaped the benefits from our weekly adjustments, and we are very thankful for the excellent care we received."
"Bridget has been receiving chiropractic care for 4 years now after an initial complaint of neck pain. Bernice started shortly thereafter, wanting relief from pain in the shoulder area and frequent headaches. Both of those symptoms have dissipated. Elena started treatment 3 years ago, looking for relief from allergies, although she still has issues with allergies; the symptoms have lessened. Catherine began care 2 years ago after x-rays showed she has scoliosis. With regular treatment, her curvature has lessened at each review. Felix and Gianna both started with treatments about 6 months ago. Gianna was diagnosed with slight scoliosis and Felix has some rotation. Everyone knows the importance of spinal care, especially those with the scoliosis and we all continue to receive weekly care. We feel chiropractic care has helped us to stay healthy!"
Bernice, Bridget, Catherine, Elena, Felix & Gianna Bulcher
"I came when Dr. Cain was here because of headaches and lower back pain. When Dr. Brown took over, I continued my care and eventually brought our new born son. He had trouble sleeping with care form Dr. Brown, he now sleeps overnight without any issues. Dr. Brown has helped my headaches and lower back pain decrease over time."
"Dr. Brown and his team are committed to a wholistic view of ongoing care. They work to keep your spine regularly aligned which enables your body, your immune system, to function at its optimal level. I have been under their care for 2 years with regular weekly adjustments. I have experienced the proper alignment of my head and a near disappearance of chronic sciatic pain. I am certain that I do not get as sick as I used to due to a stronger immune system from proper spinal alignment. This is not your "ordinary" chiropractic pain-based practice. This is not to just deal with an acute pain, this is for life, for a better-feeling, more active life!"
Ron Sherck on Google
"Thank you for keeping me healthy!"
Sonja (1st 1/2 Marathon)
"I started going to Dr Brown's about 3 years ago to manage past sports injuries and have been going twice a month since for ongoing care. Very happy with their service and flexible appointment times. They teach holistic care that balances natural care while still staying current on medical research."
Renee Brotzki on Google
"Dr. Brown has been adjusting members of my family for 2 years on a regular basis. I feel we are all healthier because of these adjustments. He does not focus on only the pain, but the total health of a person as the reason for the pain. I highly recommend him for anyone wishing to experience better over all health."
Bernice Bulcher on Google
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