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Our New Patient Process

If you’re experiencing pain, wanting to improve your peak performance, or simply wanting to live your life more fully, you need a partner in your care.

At Brown Chiropractic, we aren’t just here to “give you a crack” and send you on your way. Your spine is the conduit for all the nerves and systems in your body. 

We care about your total health and performance by, yes, treating the pain you are currently experiencing while coming alongside you to keep pain at bay while maintaining your spine, and therefore, your whole body health.

We approach your care in three holistic steps.

1. Free Consultation

We start with a Free Consultation. We go over the symptoms that you’re currently experiencing as well as your goals for the lifestyle you want to have, both now and in the future. We do posture and palpation (how the spine moves) checks. If an exam and/or x-rays are needed, they will be discussed with you prior to being performed.

2. Free Report

On your second visit, Dr. Brown sits down with you and gives you a full report on his findings. You’ll receive a personalized packet that includes your personalized findings and recommendations from the doctor.

Together, it is determined if chiropractic care is a fit for your health.

3. Care Plan

We make a Chiropractic Care Plan to combat the pain and issues you are currently experiencing. We specifically address your subluxation patterns, pain, and the recurring issues that are causing problems for you.

At the end of the Care Plan, if you wish, we move to a Wellness Chiropractic Plan.

4. Wellness Plan

We set up a Wellness Chiropractic Plan. A Wellness Chiropractic Plan is similar to a gym membership.

When you spend the time to make the necessary changes to your diet and fitness routine to reach your weight loss goals, that is not the time to stop going to the gym. You need to continue going to maintain the success you’ve achieved.

And the same is true with chiropractic care. You want your spinal health to stay optimal – to help you fight off everything from minor colds and allergies, all the way up to major pain issues.

There is hope. Pain does not have to be a part of your everyday life. You can find relief and take charge of your ongoing health.

Schedule your free consultation with Brown Chiropractic now. We look forward to meeting you.

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New Patient Forms

If you would like to save time in our Versailles OH office you can print and fill out the appropriate forms and bring them with you. We will also have these forms in the office.

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